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    Epitome Music
    1417 11th St. Suite G
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

    Office / Fax: 323-874-4081



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    The “Epitome” of Reality TV Music

    Epitome Music consists of 4,000+ exclusive, unique cues. (18,000+ with alternate mixes). Many genres including  minimal dramatic underscore, electro tension, electronica, quirky dramedy, extreme metal, indie rock, and hip hop fusions.


    Premier Music for Advertising + Commercials

    Ad Qs is a best-in-class catalog of music designed for leading advertising agencies who want a fresh new edge for their  campaigns. Styles include beautiful  orchestral, motivational indie rock, epic ukulele pop, epic hip hop, and A Cappella.

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    Get Epic

    3rd Apex is a cutting edge trailer music catalog. As a global leader in setting music trends in the industry, prepare for the most captivating, epic music you have ever heard. This catalog focuses on edgy sound design, hybrid orchestral elements, and memorable themes. Each song will stimulate and give you epic goose bumps.

    Composer Teams

    We have vetted thousands of Composers and Artists, and have combined the best in each genre. They are now available to write specifically for your projects.

    Click to Enlarge.

    Epitome Music Composer Teams

    Hard Drive Solution

    We're focused on increasing your productivity. Our Hard Drive Solution gives you instant access to our whole library. Updated monthly through our New Releases eMagazine. We provide our hard drives as a complimentary service for accredited industry professionals.

    Hard Drive formats include: AVID (AAF)  /  MP3  /   AIF

    Get the facts - download our the PDF: Hard Drive Solution

    Hard Drive Solution

    Alternate Mixes

    You've found the perfect track - to give you the most variety and control, many cues have alternate mixes such as the following:

    Horror Cue (Full)
    Horror Cue (No Piano)
    Horror Cue (Percussion)
    Horror Cue (Sting Out)Alternate Mixes

    AVID Ready

    Supercharge your production work. We're organized by Composer, Genre, Mood, and many other descriptions - you will easily import music into AVID programs, such as Media Composer and Pro Tools. All Meta data is wrapped up in the audio file. Now there is no need to link to bins.


    How to License Music from Us

    For Per-Use or Blanket Agreements, please follow these steps.

    1) Call or email us for a quote. Please have project information readily available (Term, Territory, Media)
    2) Once quote is accepted, we will need a fully executed Licensing Agreement.
    3) Done. You are now ready to use our music.

    For immediate assistance, you may call or email us.

    You may also fill out our Licensing Request Form, email it to us, and we will promptly respond  with a quote specific to your needs.

    Composer Codes

    Take the 'headache' out of quickly and accurately creating Cue Sheets. We've done all the busy-work so you can stay focused on placing the right tracks.

    Get the facts - download our the PDF: Composer Codes

    Composer Codes

    Temp Love is a custom service where you can search and download music through our website, and place into your film, TV show, commercial, etc. When you decide you LOVE it, we will send you a quote based on your Production and Marketing needs. We will also send you a high quality 16 bit 48 KHz AIF. Click Search Now to browse all the songs in the EML Catalog, or type in a Custom Search above.

    You want to be more productive - searching and downloading couldn’t be easier with our State-of-the-Art  Search Engine. If you would like to learn how to more efficiently use the Search Engine, watch our Video Tutorials.


    Our technical staff lives and breathes this library. You have a question or recommendation - let discuss. If you have any questions on how to navigate the website or search for music, you can call us during normal business hours for expert technical support.

    OFFICE: 323-874-4081

    You demand accuracy and speed - our Search Engine is powered by the most efficient META intelligent technology in the industry. Take it for a test-drive - you will be amazed at how fast the right track is presented.



    All of our music is registered with Soundmouse, making the cue sheet process a breeze. We're here to make your life a little bit easier.


    Office / Fax: 323-874-4081 |

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