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    Epitome Music
    1417 11th St. Suite G
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

    Office / Fax: 323-874-4081


    How do I license your music? And how much will it cost?

    Because each license is unique, please contact us for a custom quote. You may also fill out our Custom Quote PDF. Professional Requests Only! At this time, we are not granting free licenses of our music.

    What agreements do you offer for licensing?

    We are a “per-use” library, meaning you have to pay for each time you use a song in your Production. Generally, our licenses are good in perpetuity, as long as you do not change the audio / video synchronization, then you do not have to request a new license.

    We also offer Blanket licenses, which allow you to use our entire catalog for a flat rate. Please email or call us for a quote.

    What is a Blanket License?

    A Blanket License is a way for you to use all of the music in the EML catalog for an annual flat fee. The fee is determined by factors such as length of production and the clearance.

    How can I download AIFs and AAFs (AVID ready files)?

    Please visit our SourceAudio site at:

    Can you send me a hard drive?

    Yes. We are currently shipping hard drives to Professionals working in the Industry. Please email us for more info.

    I am a music supervisor, and I need custom compositions! Does Epitome Music compose custom work?

    Yes. As composers, we are busy around the clock working on custom music requests for TV, Film, Trailers, Commercials, Video games, etc… Call us to discuss your specific project and music needs.

    Office / Fax # 323-874-4081

    Can you send us the Meta data for your songs / albums?

    All of our AIFs, MP3s, and AAFs are encoded and packed full of meta data! You can simply drag and drop the songs into Soundminer or iTunes and the meta data will be populated automatically. You can also import the AAFs into Avid software like Pro Tools or Media Composer and the meta data is automatically generated! If you need a .CSV for any other reason, contact our Quality Control Dept. and we will email you this info.

    How do I search for the music I want?

    Please visit our SourceAudio site at:

    I compose instrumental music for film, TV, advertising, etc... How do I submit my music to Epitome?

    We are currently accepting new composers.
    Please download and read the Music Submission Guidelines for Composers

    I am an artist or band, and have songs with vocals. How do I submit my music to Epitome?

    We are currently accepting new artists and bands.
    Please download and read the Music Submission Guidelines for the Artist Series

    Is this a Non-exclusive or Exclusive Library?

    Both. Composers submitting production music will be asked to sign an exclusive agreement (after the music is reviewed, and only if accepted). Only the music signed to a schedule A is exclusive, not you as a writer.

    Artists and / or Bands submitting for our “Artist Series”, will have the choice of either an exclusive or non-exclusive synch administration agreement.

    How much money will I make when my songs gets licensed?

    As you might suspect, the upfront synch money we receive can vary drastically. We can provide this information to you on a case by case basis.

    What is AdRev?

    AdRev is a YouTube Certified Administrator of YouTube’s Content ID system. They monitor YouTube for any music that has been uploaded illegally, and automatically run ads on those videos.

    How does AdRev identify my music?

    They have very complex software that makes detection possible. Currently AdRev is monetizing millions of videos with billions of views annually. They have also identified millions of copyright infringements.

    Will I be paid?

    Yes, once we have determined that a song was actually uploaded and used illegally, and money is earned from the ads that run on the video. EML will pay the copyright owner directly at the end of each quarter, as long as the total amount owned is more than $25.00.

    Why should I care?

    If your music is on the internet, someone could steal it and use it without your consent. When this happens you are entitled to compensation.

    Can I opt-out at any time?

    Yes. We can easily remove your music from the system.

    I want to be part of the Artist Series, how do I know if other non-exclusive libraries have already sent my music to AdRev, or another certified administrator of YouTube's Content ID system?

    Unless specifically stated in your agreement with the other publishers, they will have to send out an Addendum, asking for your permission to send your music, and that you will also not give permission to another organization to submit the same music to AdRev.

    I want to buy your music for my personal listening pleasure. Can I purchase a track or album directly?

    Yes, please email us if you would like to purchase a song for Personal use.

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