Customer Questions

Because each license is unique, please contact us for a custom quote. You may also fill out our Custom Quote PDF. Professional Requests Only! At this time, we are not granting free licenses of our music.
We are a "per-use" library, meaning you have to pay for each time you use a song in your Production. Generally, our licenses are good in perpetuity, as long as you do not change the audio / video synchronization, then you do not have to request a new license. We also offer Blanket licenses, which allow you to use our entire catalog for a flat rate. Please contact us for a quote.
Yes. The overall fee is determined by factors such as length of production, number of songs used, and the clearance needed.
Go to either SourceAudio or DISCO. Once you are approved for an account, you will be able to download our music.
Yes. We are currently shipping hard drives to professionals working in the industry. Please contact us for more info.
Yes. We are available to work on custom music requests for TV, Film, Trailers, Commercials, Video games, etc... Contact us to discuss your specific project and music needs.
All of our AIFs, MP3s, and AAFs are encoded and packed full of meta data. You can simply drag and drop the songs into Soundminer or iTunes and the meta data will be populated automatically. You can also import the AAFs into Avid software like Pro Tools or Media Composer and the meta data is automatically generated. If you need a .CSV for any other reason, contact our Quality Control Dept. and we will email you this info.

Artist Questions

We are currently accepting new music. If you would like to have us listen to your work,

please upload 3-5 tracks to our Dropbox

The best way to find out if we are looking for music is to sign up to our Composer Email List.
Both. Composers submitting production music will be asked to sign an exclusive agreement (after the music is reviewed, and only if accepted). Only the music signed to a schedule A is exclusive, not you as a writer.

Artists and / or Bands submitting for our "Artist Series", will have the choice of either an exclusive or non-exclusive synch administration agreement.

As you might suspect, the upfront synch money we receive can vary drastically. We can provide this information to you on a case-by-case basis.
No. We will register all songs with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC in the USA. Our sub-publishers will register songs with PROs outside of the USA.


We are very familiar with web3 emerging as a new technology and can clearly see it's use case to build a better environment for creators to thrive. We may decide to incorporate blockchain in the future.